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Fire ecology and environmental decision making

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My Poster for Australian Mammal Conference 2015

I’m presenting my literature review on fire responses of Australian small and medium savanna mammals at the Australian Mammal Society Conference in Hobart. Many savanna mammals are declining as a result of the interacting threats of: inappropriate fire regimes, cane-toads, grazing and feral cat predation.

I investigated what the literature said about cause-and-effects relationships between components of fire regimes (e.g. the number of fires their size, extent and intensity) and the effects they have on species (e.g. habitat change, direct mortality and interactions with predation).  I wanted to use this to see what habitat elements are important for species and how fire regimes can alter the availability of these.

The frequency of fires was seen as the most important, influencing the availability of logs and hollows, and  vegetation cover in the ground and shrub layers.



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